Serving The Caribbean Community in China

Welcome to the Caribbean Association in China! A non-profit volunteer organization based in Shanghai, serving the Caribbean Community in China.

Your One Stop Guide to Caribbean Associated Events in China, Support Networks, Professional and Social Activities, China City

Our mission is to foster a stronger understanding and appreciation of our Caribbean culture, strengthening Sino-Caribbean relations, and to serve as a support network for the Caribbean community in China.

The Caribbean Association of China (CAC) was founded in April 2007 by a group of Caribbean nationals residing in Shanghai with the goal of supporting the embassies of the various Caribbean Islands. In addition to supporting Nationals through social programs, student events,and networking meetings, the CAC also supports Chinese Communities throughout CHina in various kinds of charity outreach activities.

Your presence as a ‘member’ or ‘friend’ of the CAC will allow us to continue to strive to meet the mission of the Association.

With this, we welcome your active and continual support for the CAC and look forward to your presence at all of our events.

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